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We are so blessed with so many different and unique weddings this year. This wedding, the flowers made it spectacular. Rachel, the bride, and her bridesmaids had these flower crowns that we have never seen at any wedding. I absolutely love the above picture with the bride getting ready and the red walls behind. However, really the best part of the wedding were Rachel and Daniel’s vows. So genuine, from the heart. Enjoy this rustic/country/floral wedding.

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just like us

Wedding of Teresa and Jad from St. Lucy’s in Waterbury. A mixture of Italian and Lebanese Catholic traditions. And one of the friendliest and funniest priests we have ever met. The ceremony had many orthodox elements, like the wearing of crowns, or the priest blessings with the cross.
We went to Elizabeth Park for some creative shots. We are so happy when we capture very candid shots of the family, because that is what you will remember; mom, dad, grandma.
And how about the party? Sick, sick, sick. Check it out in the film. Everybody had such great time.

Thanks Tony for recommending us, your work is beautiful. Check out the photos from the wedding.

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authentic, best friendship love

Beautiful wedding from a luxurious Delamar Hotel in Greenwich. The Flowers by Diana Gould were absolutely stunning. One of the best looking receptions ever. The combinations of the place and the flowers were such a good fit. Something about the patina on the furniture and the walls made it look so elegant and luxurious. Ceremony was also beautiful, downtown Greenwich at St. Mary’s church. We have gotten such awesome slow-motion shots of Kim’s and Micheal’s family after the ceremony. Our favorite is the shot of Kim and her Grandad. We are glad we have captured it.
We have been working with great photographers Sebastian Photography

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one big family

A very Italian wedding of Jess and Andrea DiMatteo. Two large families joining into one even bigger Italian family. Some of our favorite moments was when Jessica was opening a gift (pearl necklace) from Andrea. She had tears of joy in her eyes. Moments like these make wedding films so important and special. Those are the memories that are remembered.
After ceremony we went to Yale to do some great shots, the above shots are from there. The photograher was Marcie Maler from Maler Photogrpahy
And one of our most favorite, Danielle, did the floral arrangement Flowers by Danielle
Wedding planner Jessica Watcke from Bridal Bliss

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Opposites Attract

This is our first wedding of the year, and we are introducing a new feature to our films – a Super Slow Motion. We love how now you can experience emotions in a way, you couldn’t have seen them before. A small kiss transforms into an epic burst of emotion, a move on a dance-floor seems as a happiest moment of your life. Let us know what your thoughts are on this new feature.

Gwen and Mike’s wedding was at St. Anne’s in Waterbury. A marriage of an Italian family (and I mean Italian, Italian) and a Puerto Rican family. A wedding full of music, dancing and emotions, and that’s how we love it. We absolutely love when Gwen was walking down the isle and she had tears of joy running down her cheeks. Or the bond you could feel, between Mike and his Best Man, when he was speaking at the reception. These emotion is what makes these films so beautiful.

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