all you need is love

We ended the 2013 with a bang. Literally, this video ends with spectacular fireworks. We were so close, that the streaks of sparkles were showering on us. We have never experience fireworks like this. This was a Christmas-Winter wedding of Jen and Mike. Although it wasn’t snowing outside, it was snowing inside at their reception at Winvian. Seriously, they had 2 indoor snow-machines, and when they played Josh Groban – Believe, it suddenly started to snow on us. Oh yeah, did I mention they hired a famous musician Noah Guthrie to play their first dance song. They really outdone themselves. We are so glad we were there to capture it all.
Honored to be working alongside our best friend Kiva from Annandale Photography. Here is a link to the pictures from this wedding

Musician Noah Guthrie
DJ Turntable Events
Photo Annandale Photography
Florist Diane Gaudett
Make-up D.D.Nickle
music licensed through The Music Bed

Jim Altieri - January 13, 2014 - 3:58 pm

Nice work man!

weddings are made in heaven

A perfect Fall wedding day, at one of our most favorite location, The Barn at the Wesleyan Hills. This place has so many opportunities to take photos. Don’t overlook this place when picking a venue and/or ceremony for your wedding. Nikki and Jay were so cool (sub-zero) people. Nikki is a doctor and Jay is a super-talented graphic designer/typographic. So it was a no brainier to ask him to design the title for their wedding film. I wish I could do type like he does. I have a feeling we will be working on other projects together. Please go check out his website Jay Roeder
This wedding has so many gorgeous scenes, for example the getting ready at the Inn at Middletown hotel. Nikki is glowing, her eyes are so stunningly turquoise. Then there are those yellow and orange and red trees at the ceremony. It looks so colorful and vibrant.
As you might already knows from our contact page, I have 2 boston terrier girls, that mu wife and I love so much. No wonder we thought it was such terrific idea when Nikki and Jay’s included their two pug girls in their wedding. They are so super cute. You can tell how much they love them.
There are so many other beautiful moments in this film; so just lean back and enjoy this autumn highlight wedding film.

photo by Binary Flips
graphics by Jay Roeder (the groom)
music licensed through Song Freedom

PS: I haven’t mention the photographers. Binary Flips photography is one of the best out there. We are such good friends, and they are on top of our recommended list.


If you ever search to see a Fall wedding, this is it. A perfect example of getting married in Autumn. We have stayed for 2 days in absolute retreat. Mountains, forest and a lake. And it’s closer than you might think, less than 2 hours driving north from NYC in New Paltz. We came a day earlier to get the shots of Melanie and JP on a boat. I was on a second boat rowing while filming with a camera on a tripod. I also hiked the mountain to get the time-lapse in the evening. The next day, I woke up very early to capture the morning time-lapse of the sunrise. I am so glad I put in the effort to get those shots. Melanie and Jon Paul were so happy to get married there, and with a last name Lake, it was a perfect match. Hence the double meaning of the tile. During the photo-session, we found this narrow cave, like in the film 27 hours, that was so fantastic to get those Indianan Jones, looking for a treasure shots of Melanie leading Jon Paul with an amazement and curiosity. It is our most favorite shot from the wedding.

Photographer: J. Castro
Music Licensed through the music bed

the best person ever!

How about the front image of dad hugging Chandler, right before wedding? Every time I look at it, it fills me up with so much emotions. You can just feel the happiness he is experiencing. And that’s just one frame. The entire wedding was just like that. Our most favorite part was Grey’s song. Grey is Chandler’s cousin. She wrote and sung a song for them at the church. Later on we got the official copy. And I knew, right there in church, that that song and the transition from her singing it into actual song, will be the main feature of the film. How fitting was that, a song about Chandler and Ryan. We couldn’t have found a better one.

We were working with such polite and friendly photographer, Amanda, from Orchard Cove Photography. Here is a link to this wedding.
And one of the best wedding bands we know Uptown Mix (Vali Entertainment), NYC
Song: Grey Zeigler – “Just you and me”

Amanda Herzberger - November 16, 2013 - 8:55 am

SUCH a stunning and emotional video – I’m crying over here! Beautiful work.

Kim Nagy - January 6, 2014 - 1:15 am

Your work is breathtaking and beautiful!

sail away with me

Summer, beach, relaxed clothing, steel drums and fireworks. One of our most favorite weddings of all times. I wish every wedding would feel this good. It felt like a vacation on an island, although we were just on a beach in Stratford. I have been there many times before, but it has never felt so different, and I dare to say exotic. The theme was nautical, obviously, but not for the reasons you might think. Parker is an actual Boat Captain, they both used to live on St. Thomas and they also met on the beach. Hence the very strong connection with the ocean. So for the next 7 minutes, let us take you to an exotic island of Kate and Parker. Ahoy!

Check also their pictures taken by talented photographer and our good friend Stefanie Kapra
music licensed through the music bed and song freedom

f a c e b o o k
r e v i e w s
p i n t e r e s t