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We are absolutely thrilled to share this wedding with you. We have put a lot of effort in it and find this to be one of our best work to this day, and that’s why we decided to share with you the entire film instead of just a highlight as we usually do. Filming at the carnival was something we wanted to do for a while now, and we are so glad Lindsay and Joe wanted to do it too. I mean, how cool is it? We always want to take the extra step, or two, for our clients. We also came to their rehearsal at the legendary Biltmore Hotel, Providence. It was so worth the travel for those great toasts. They gave this film such dimension. Before I left that night, I took a shot of the hotel from the street and I remembered the spot for the morning, because I knew I will be there the next day for the preparation. I knew that I wanted to fade from night to day, and have everything stay the same except for the sky. The shot came out exactly as I envisioned it. Look for it in the film. We are so proud how the story is connected in every shot. Like when the song goes “…when all the world is spinning around…” it fades into a shot of merry go round with Lindsay and Joe in front of it, or there is a shot of Joe putting on cufflink, and it transitions to Lindsy’s dad cufflink. And many many more of these kind of connections. Keep looking for them, they make the film so much more personal.

The wedding was at the (Meet the Joe Black) Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI. The chapel is attached to the property and was quite unusual with the pews facing each other. And I have to mention how awesome it was to work with Steve DePino, the photographer. We love how he really wants to work with our continuous lights instead of flash. Hope we work together soon. His pictures are just like oil paintings.

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  • steve - December 21, 2012 - 1:27 pm

    Dude that was awesome!!! great job man!!ReplyCancel

  • samantha price - January 7, 2013 - 10:00 pm

    wow. that carnival segment is fab!ReplyCancel

We are so blessed with all of our clients to be so open and emotional. We have so much joy working on their final film, knowing we have a great material to pick from. Megan and Justin film was no exception. We had I believe 5 beautiful speeches at the rehearsal, 2 toasts at the wedding, the groom’s speech that we started this film with, and lets not forget the handwritten vows. The vows, the toast, the speeches are the foundation and cornerstone of our films. That’s what we build on, peoples’ stories and affection they show for one another. The visual eye-candy is just a B-roll. So without further ado enjoy this short film.

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  • samantha price - January 7, 2013 - 9:49 pm

    this video is edited so perfectly—in sound and visual. its just perfectly done and so sentimental. you guys are such awesome filmmakersReplyCancel

    • fairytalestudio - January 7, 2013 - 9:51 pm

      Thanks Samantha, we can’t wait for yours already.ReplyCancel

A wedding with such beautiful heart-felt toast by Jeannine’s Dad that makes us tear up every time we hear it, even though I have heard it about 20 times while editing. It was no brainier to put it right in the beginning of this film. Actually we knew this will be the center-point, and we will build Jeannine and Greg’s film around this emotional speech. This is just a highlight of their day and there is so much more in the Feature Film we couldn’t squeeze into this one. Greg’s brothers had probably the funniest toast we have ever heard. Roast would be better term for it. And then there was the party. It was Italian wedding, do I have to say more? Jason from CT Party Pros put on one hell of a party. If you don’t have a DJ for your wedding, you need to get in touch with them. Go to their website Thank you also to the photographers Jennifer & Charles Maring from Maring Visuals.

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Attention brides, If you are planning a wedding and you haven’t pick a place yet, you got to check out Eolia mansion in Waterford. One of our most favorite places to shoot a wedding, and also most of the photographers’ we know. We had a blast at Heather and Bryan’s wedding. Ceremony was in the garden and the reception outside under the tent, blasting a lot of 80’s and 90’s music. (We are suckers for the 90’s though) But even better than the location or great tunes were the beautiful vows and so emotional toasts by the maid of honor and Heather’s mom the day before at the rehearsal dinner.

The opening sequence, meeting at the railing, came out exactly as we imagined it to be, mostly because of Heather and Bryan’s willingness to work with us through out the day. Their photographer, and our friend Kiva from Annanddale Photography has taken all of us to a nearby meadow, were we’ve got more killer shots. So glad he did. Check out his pictures here.

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We love Newport and RI for that matter. It is one of the best wedding destination location in the Continental US. Our first time at Belle Mer, and what a beautiful and highly professional place. And the view, ahh. It is the best feature from all. Especially at night when you see the entire Newport bridge all lit up. We cannot wait to come back. However, we weren’t thrilled too much about the rain, although we were so lucky the rain took a breather until the ceremony was over. It almost didn’t happened outside. Immediately when we finished it started to pour. So we were forced to wait until late into the night to get some creative shots. But I think they came out so beautiful with the bridge in the background.

A funny story, we have decided to travel to Newport a day before, to get establishing shots of the environment and to catch the rehearsal dinner. The plan was to book a room there, so we don’t waste time traveling back and forth. First we were caught in a horrible traffic going towards Newport, and we couldn’t understand why that is, being an early on Friday. When we got into Newport, it got even worse. We finally got there, get the shots, went to shoot the rehearsal dinner and after that we went with our plan of booking a room for the night. That’s when things start going wrong. The hotel we picked informed us they are fully booked, so we went to look for another one and there they said the same answer, “we are fully booked, don’t you know what’s this weekend”, we said “no what”, he said ” it’s the folk festival in Newport, the busiest weekend of the year. You’ll be lucky to find one free room in the entire town”. We started to panic and prepare to spend a night in the car. Luckily after searching frantically the entire evening, we found one free room at the Johnson and Howard costing us $270. We really learned our lesson there.

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  • Marsha - October 11, 2012 - 4:36 pm

    So Beautiful! We were so happy to share this special time with you and your families.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - December 16, 2012 - 11:08 pm

    Amazing! Took me right back to that day – and of course made me bawl my eyes out. Love it.ReplyCancel

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