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We love emotional weddings and this wedding was just that. We also came to the rehearsal to record toast by Alex’s mom and toasts by the groom and bride. Honestly, our most favorite parts of the entire film. That made the film that much more personal and beautiful. And the personal vows at the ceremony topped it all off. We have worked with our favorite DJ Jason from CT Party Pros. They were also in charge of the lighting. We love their lighting, so beautiful.

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Danelle and Angel got married on a hot June day. It was outside at the Waterview. Everything was beautifully decorated in white, pink and black. We were especially moved by how they have honored Danelle’s Grandpa, who passed away recently. You can see a chair with his hat and white rose set for him at the ceremony. Fun Fact: They wrote on invitation that the ceremony was starting at 3pm, although it actually was scheduled for 3:30. They didn’t want anyone to be late and miss this amazing event. And everything else did go according to the plan as well. We had an honor to work with our great friend and true professional Anthony DeCarlo. Check his website as well, you’re going to like it. Enough said, go see it for yourself.

Place: Waterview
Photo: Anthony DeCarlo
DJ: Musically Yours
Flowers: Flowers By Danielle

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“…and this is that fairy tale.” is what MOH have said during the reception, referring to Kristen and Charlie’s beginning of their journey together. And their wedding was exactly that, a Fairytale. We love how this film has turned out. Kristen and Charlie were just so beautifully emotional, especially during their vows at the Waterview. We had the shady side, that made for an amazing footage. Absolutely beautiful day. We have worked with such fun photographer Jena Aviti, and Aurora, they were such joy to work with. We also went to the rehearsal dinner at Bertucci’s, the day before, because we wanted to record the beautiful toasts by family members and friends. And good thing we did, you can see some parts of it in the film, we have used the groom and bride’s speech.

Kristen and Charlie, congrats to getting married, your Fairytale has just began!

  • Linda Nuzzo - July 21, 2012 - 6:27 am

    wow, what a beautiful gift and a beautiful couple… Thank you for sharing.

    Love you guys..

    Aunt LindaReplyCancel

  • Aurora Daley - August 14, 2012 - 10:20 am

    Thanks for sharing this what a great couple great job!!! you were so much fun to work with! Really well done!!ReplyCancel

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This wedding was a thriller. We arrived to record the bride and groom’s preps, everything way ahead of time. We had about 30min to spare when Corrine started to put on the dress. While her mom was zipping her up, the zipper started to act out. They couldn’t zip it all the way, so they forced it a little and then the zipper busted. One tooth was missing and there wasn’t nothing else anyone could have done, except stitch her into her dress, just like a doll. The problem was no one had a sewing kit and especially a white thread (lesson here for all the brides to be reading this – make sure you have a sewing kit with a white thread on your wedding day) It was a time to call a seamstress. She came within 25 minutes and started to sew Corrine up. About 3 feet length, took another 25min. At this point we were running half an hour late. I personally heard it from the priest when we arrive to the church. It was a smooth sailing, after that. Although, Dominick must have had a great time cutting Corrine out of her dress that night:)

  • Corrine - June 22, 2012 - 9:13 am

    The video came out amazing!! You guys are simply the best.ReplyCancel

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This was a wedding that we were looking forward to the entire year. We knew we would be going to the woods and barn in November, and that Jessa and Ryan are going to have Chinese lanterns and fireworks. Although that was a surprise to the guests, we knew about it. We stayed in the oldest inn in the entire Berkshires region (W. Mass) The Old Inn on the Green (if you ever go to western Mass, check it out. The restaurant is Zagat rated)
We arrived a day before the wedding for the family dinner and sent off the Chinese lanterns at the Mepal Manor, not far from the Gedney Farm, where the wedding was going to take place the next day. We recorded some unbelievable toasts there from Ryan and his parents. Everybody loved the Chinese lanterns, it was a great surprise!
On the wedding day, we started off with bride preps at Jessa’s aunts house, not far from the farm. Afterwards, we headed back to the Mepal Manor for the first look and some creative shots. Jessa was an absolute trooper bearing the frigid cold in her wedding dress. The wedding was inside the barn, surrounded by trees inside of it. I have no idea how they got 25 foot trees inside. Although there wasn’t much room to move around at the ceremony, we ended up with some beautiful shots.
The reception was very relaxed and spontaneous, with some amazing cuisine, especially the Indian. Everything culminated in the surprise fireworks behind the barn. There were times it felt really close and 3D, coming towards us. Something we will never forget.

In conclusion, this was that kind of wedding, that sets a standard we compare other weddings to. And Jessa and Ryan are clients that we always hope for. It was our last wedding of the year, and it was better than we anticipated. We are so glad to finish 2011 with a bang. Please enjoy this amazing wedding of Jessa and Ryan, we certainly enjoyed creating it.

PS: We got lost on the way there, trying to outsmart our GPS. We got lost in he middle of a forest and had to ask campers for directions. Just to give you word of advice, if you are going to Berkshires from Connecticut don’t take the I-84 towards Springfield, it’s a much longer and more difficult road.

Ceremony: Gedney Farm
Rehearsal: Mepal Manor
Florist: Crocus Hale
Band: Soul Sensations

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