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Diana and Scott, one of the hottest couple we have ever had. It was quite easy to take shots of these two. That top shot of them, in front of the lake with the reds and greens, is just so lovely. The wedding was at the Muttontown Country Club. Aren’t those shots of Diana putting on dress in that beautiful room just wow? Some of our best shots. Their reception hall was set up so beautifully too. The lighting there was so soft, just gorgeous. At the end of the night they had a famous singer Reina singing their favorite songs. It was quite surreal, listening to songs I know from the radio. And one more shutout to the band Faze 4, they were kick-ass!

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First time we did a wedding here at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Long Island. Beautiful gardens and many different possibilities for creative shots. Just look at the backdrop for the ceremony. I love how the flowers pop against the greenery in the back. but enough about the background. Listen to the vows, so powerful and emotional. And BTW, the only words spoken in English. The rest was in Chinese. I love Evelyn’s vows, but even more than that, I love the non-scripted words of Solomon. Hence the title “I KNOW”. I can’t believe how the music paired so well with it too. And let me not forget to mention the great photographer Brian Hatton we worked also with in the past. We love working with you Brian.

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Wait until you see the slow motion we’ve got from this one. Julie and Michael got married at Briarcliff Manor, NY. They had this man made waterfall there, that is absolutely awesome for putting couple right in front and do a little slow-mo with the falling water in the background. The ceremony was at the magic hour, right when the sun was setting down. Kudos to Julie and Michael for custom vows. And Julie, your dad spirit was there with all of you the entire time. Everyone had felt it.

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Stunning backyard wedding of Nicole and Walter, from the beautiful Hamptons, Long Island. The property was just wow! Everything was so relaxed and fun. There wasn’t really a strict schedule or too many formalities, but just a great party with few genuine toasts. And the best one of all, a toast from Walter to Nicole. It’s in the beginning of the film. We love it.

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The top picture above is from the epic Gotham Hall. One of the most spectacular places to get married in NYC. A 19th century, seven stories high building. A former Greenwich Savings Bank. Absolutely in love with the place. Diana and Stephen did amazing job decorating it. They surprised everybody with genuine, right from the heart vows, they wrote for each other. Very funny and heart-felt.
Being film-makers, we are suckers for beautiful light, so I have to mention how perfect the light was during dancing. They even dispersed some haze/fog into the air. That’s what they use in movies to soften look of a scene and give it a depth. I hope you also notice it when watching.

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