may the wind be at your back

Tracy and Andrew’s wedding was packed with absolutely beautiful and tear-jerking toasts and speeches. We also went to the rehearsal, and it was so worth the extra day. It gave us a really hard time picking what would end up in the final film, as we wanted to use every single toast. The above 3 minutes highlight is just a fraction of all the heartwarming words spoken and events that took place, that are in the longer Feature film. However the first toast by Tracy’s dad is our most favorite one. It even made us cry again as we were editing it. And doesn’t he sound just like john Goodman. What a great voice to have. This wedding was Irish/Dutch, mostly Irish though, but her mom’s little Dutch box, Dutch ribbon and those little wooden shoes were so interesting, they made it to the front image of the video. And you know who else is of a Dutch heritage? One of the coolest photographers to work with as well as to hang out with. You might have heard of them Justin and Mary. And here are the pictures from this wedding. The entire event was coordinated by our dear friend Stacie Shea, she is the best.

music licensed through the Song Freedom

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