the cake is ready!

Wedding from Wesleyan University Chapel and St. Clements Castle. We had absolutely the most fantastic weather, and more important than that, Katherine and Jon really did give us plenty of time to do some creative shots with them in the garden. Thank you guys for being excited to make this wedding film, it shows. Their two families were such happy and genuine people. We felt so welcomed by everyone. There were also many familiar faces in the crowd, previous clients and their families. Everyone was singing and dancing. Really, really great times.

Shout out to the photographers; Dimery Photography and florist Flowers by Danielle, who is at almost every wedding we do (I am not even kidding, I would say 60-70% of the weddings we did this year, she was the florist). We aren’t surprised though, they are the cream of the top. Check out her page!

music licensed through the music bed

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