foolishly, hopelessly, ridiculously and stupidly

Attention brides: cloudy skies are better than sunny skies. Andrea and Glenn had clouds the entire day, and what an amazing footage we’ve got. Almost every bride thinks, they want sunny, bright day. But overcast is 100 times better. Cloudy skies create very soft, dispersed light that compliments anyone. During midday sun, you get very bright foreheads, and super dark shadows under chin and in the eyes. We usually have to get you in some kind of shade to tame the bright sun.
Both the ceremony and the reception happened at The Barns. We felt in love with the willow trees. They are so unique. And we have always loved barns. This one even had these overhead Christmas lights, that create a depth and bring out that homemade(in a good way) feel. But above all, our most favorite, were the personal vows Glenn and Andrea wrote for each other. They make the film. If you can, please write your own words for the vows. It puts the wedding (and the wedding film), into another level. Makes it more genuine. The conversation are the foundation of our films, everything else is just a supporting cast.
We had a pleasure to work with Airen Miller Photography, cool guys.

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