If you ever search to see a Fall wedding, this is it. A perfect example of getting married in Autumn. We have stayed for 2 days in absolute retreat. Mountains, forest and a lake. And it’s closer than you might think, less than 2 hours driving north from NYC in New Paltz. We came a day earlier to get the shots of Melanie and JP on a boat. I was on a second boat rowing while filming with a camera on a tripod. I also hiked the mountain to get the time-lapse in the evening. The next day, I woke up very early to capture the morning time-lapse of the sunrise. I am so glad I put in the effort to get those shots. Melanie and Jon Paul were so happy to get married there, and with a last name Lake, it was a perfect match. Hence the double meaning of the tile. During the photo-session, we found this narrow cave, like in the film 27 hours, that was so fantastic to get those Indianan Jones, looking for a treasure shots of Melanie leading Jon Paul with an amazement and curiosity. It is our most favorite shot from the wedding.

Photographer: J. Castro
Music Licensed through the music bed

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