Opposites Attract

This is our first wedding of the year, and we are introducing a new feature to our films – a Super Slow Motion. We love how now you can experience emotions in a way, you couldn’t have seen them before. A small kiss transforms into an epic burst of emotion, a move on a dance-floor seems as a happiest moment of your life. Let us know what your thoughts are on this new feature.

Gwen and Mike’s wedding was at St. Anne’s in Waterbury. A marriage of an Italian family (and I mean Italian, Italian) and a Puerto Rican family. A wedding full of music, dancing and emotions, and that’s how we love it. We absolutely love when Gwen was walking down the isle and she had tears of joy running down her cheeks. Or the bond you could feel, between Mike and his Best Man, when he was speaking at the reception. These emotion is what makes these films so beautiful.

music licensed by The Music Bed and Song Freedom

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