the best person ever!

How about the front image of dad hugging Chandler, right before wedding? Every time I look at it, it fills me up with so much emotions. You can just feel the happiness he is experiencing. And that’s just one frame. The entire wedding was just like that. Our most favorite part was Grey’s song. Grey is Chandler’s cousin. She wrote and sung a song for them at the church. Later on we got the official copy. And I knew, right there in church, that that song and the transition from her singing it into actual song, will be the main feature of the film. How fitting was that, a song about Chandler and Ryan. We couldn’t have found a better one.

We were working with such polite and friendly photographer, Amanda, from Orchard Cove Photography. Here is a link to this wedding.
And one of the best wedding bands we know Uptown Mix (Vali Entertainment), NYC
Song: Grey Zeigler – “Just you and me”

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