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Don’t get fooled, these guys aren’t professional actors, even though they seem like ones. Eleanor and Theo are so photogenic and so very natural, which made it so easy to get all these beautiful shots of them. They also had a great idea to go to their favorite pub for a beer and nachos. So original, and our most favorite stop of the day. We were just sitting and talking, like it was just another ordinary day. Usually every wedding is running on a tight schedule, but here we were discussing food and a trip to Iceland, like there wasn’t any wedding going on. I love how they enjoyed every moment, rather then rush and panic about every little detail of the day. Eleanor and Theo, you did it right!

music licensed through The Music Bed and Song Freedom

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  • EmilyAugust 19, 2015 - 6:33 am

    Very beautiful!ReplyCancel

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