Stick Together, Forever

Liz and Greg got married on the High Line in the Chelsea district. If you’ve never been there, it is an elevated park that was built on the old railroad tracks, running alongside the 10th avenue for about 3 miles. The traffic is absolutely eliminated as it’s above it all. It’s an amazing place and I am not surprised Liz and Greg chose it as their ceremony location. Although the entire wedding party was about 10-15 people, when the ceremony started we had an audience of about 50, as people walking by were stopping to look and take a picture.
The rest of the day was also very untypical. We walked along the high line, people that we met congratulating the newlyweds. Then they had non-formal lunch where parents had few toast and Liz an d Greg cut their Pigeon cake. The next stop was my favorite, as we arrived to Crosby Hotel. It is a Dog friendly hotel, and I might say by the pictures and art everywhere, it rather looked like a dog hotel that is people friendly. They brought their 2 collies for some picture taking. We got quite a few in the Hotel, as well as outside. They were such good and obedient pups (my job is great playing with pups). And they finished the day by going to Morgenstern’s ice cream place for some frozen treats and meet with friends.
It was one of the most usual weddings we ever did, but it felt so right and free. Very original and oh so much fun!

Music is an original song by Mara Measor that she played at the ceremony. Check out her website, what a talent!
PhotographerL Jennifer Sosa Photography
Graphics were done by the Groom himself. Again, unique and awesome. Thanks Greg.

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