This was our first wedding of the season. Chevy Bel Air, Mariachi band, Coffee shop, Singer Song-writer performance and a Museum is just a little tease of what’s in store for you in this film. I don’t want to write too much about the day, as I rather you watch than read. However I got to say that the stage at the reception (which was in the museum) was little strange to us at first, but what a show. The views both ways, towards the stage and from behind facing the audience were so grand. We’ve even got some flares creeping up to the lens from the stage lights overhead.

If you are wondering about our music choices, where do we get these songs? Well, we license all the songs we use in every wedding film we do. Even the instrumental songs. We believe that artist should be compensated for their work/art. Same way as we also wouldn’t want someone to take our work and use it for their business/promotion. What happens most of the time is that we are unable to license couple’s first dance song or a song from a radio, so we use other music. So this wasn’t most of the time. I Shazamed Sydnie and Rusty’s wedding song, and to my amazement, it was one of the songs I could license. Song is “I knew this would be love” by Imaginary Future. Hence the title.

Photographer: Omar Heredia
Music licensed through The Music Bed and Triple Scoop Music

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