Amber & Dan

This was a treat for us, a Kiwi/Italian wedding. Dan is a New Zealander, a.k.a. Kiwi. So half of the people at the wedding had an amazing accent. Although, towards the end of the night, I had hard time understanding some of them. Dan was nice to “translate” it for me.
Amber and Dan picked The Barns at Wesleyan for their wedding, one of our favorites. And if you read our post regularly, you know we are dealing with a string of unfortunate weather. And yes the string continued on this one as well. It’s a really bizarre year. The ceremony had to happen indoor. We had to forgo the beautiful colors outside, as you can see from some other shots. However, the ceremony was still beautiful with all the hanging light bulbs. Really warm and rustic.
Their First Dance was choreographed to a song we have used in a previous wedding (Tyler Williams – All my days). They decided to make it their wedding song, after watching our video. What an honor to have my work influence my couples. Obviously we used it in the video as well and it fits perfectly. If you watch carefully, Dan and Amber are lip syncing the song at one point in the video. And talking about lip syncing, they did every N’sync, Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears’ song later that night. Even got the exact moves to Bye Bye Bye. Was so much fun.

Music licensed through The Music Bed

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